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Action Potentials

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Sometimes I think much of what we value about people and places and living situations boils down to action potentials--if not in the strict sense that the term is used in neuropsychology, but in the sense of what is easy to do in different places, with different people, etc, and what is most enjoyable that way.

My apartment without a roommate in it has all the same things I enjoy using and playing with. But only without one can I really enjoy them, or use them at all. When one is on one's own, action potentials in a lot of directions are practically infinite.

Quite a few are also curtailed, which could only blossom in someone else's presence: shared experiences of all kinds.

On the whole, I value shared experiences more. But I don't feel whole unless I have that total freedom frequently. It's the space for self-determination.

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Florence and the Machine - Third Eye
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