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Tocqueville Predicts the Social Justice Movement

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"The hatred that men bear to privilege increases in proportion as privileges become fewer and less considerable, so that democratic passions would seem to burn most fiercely just when they have least fuel. I have already given the reason for this phenomenon. When all conditions are unequal, no inequality is so great as to offend the eye, whereas the slightest dissimilarity is odious in the midst of general uniformity; the more complete this uniformity is, the more insupportable the sight of such a difference becomes. Hence it is natural that the love of equality should constantly increase together with equality itself, and that it should grow by what it feeds on." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tocqueville_effect)

Is the rising up of those who feel alienated by the social justice movement also fueled by hatred of privilege? Yes, I think it is. The Tocqueville effect is playing out in two different groups of people at the same time. The question is: do we have any power to stop either of them? Or will they cause society to ultimately fall apart?
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