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notes in the margin of error

hortense in exile
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Interests: indexicality, self-knowledge, primarily of phenomenal states, the nature of thought about objects of perceptual or sensory experience, ordinary language philosophy, and unchangeable desires/volitions. Other interests: brains and their peculiarities.

I also make indexes. If you are a philosopher, psychologist, or cognitive scientist, and do not want to make your own index, ask me! And if you are even thinking about publishing your book with no index at all, or only an index of names, please ask me! Books need to be searchable. Even an online search of a scanned book is often only as good as the book's index.

"I am not to give myself explanations that divide me from myself, that take sides against myself, that would exact my consent, not attract it. That would be to cede my voice to isolation. Then I might never be found" (Cavell, "The Argument of the Ordinary," 100).

absinthe, agency, antonioni, articulating difficult things, asian art, autobiographical memory, basic actions, bernard williams, black coffee, calvino, canterbury progressive rock, cavell, cognitive science, colors, concepts, conversion, cubism, dachshunds, de re, definite descriptions, demonstratives, descriptive philosophy, doctor who, dora carrington, dysautonomia, ecological psychology, editing, eidetic memory, emerson, england, epistemology, experimental music, ferlinghetti, fortuny, frege, futurism, gareth evans, gestalt psychology, hammond organs, history of psychology, hume, indexicals, indexing, induction, interoception, introspection, j.l. austin, jacques roubaud, john mcdowell, john wisdom, kant, knights of faith, liberal education, making clothes, memory, meno paradox, merleau ponty, metaethics, metaphilosophy, method acting, michael nyman, modernism, moog synthesizers, moral emotions, neo-fregeanism, nonconceptual content, normativity, ordinary language philosophy, organizing things, ossie clark, oulipo, perception, phenomenal concepts, philosophical methodology, philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, photography, progressive rock, proprioception, psychology, qualia, rationality, rule-following, self-knowledge, sensations, sewing, singular thought, skepticism, st. john's college, strawson, swinging london, t.s. eliot, the 60s, the 70s, the bloomsbury group, the moody blues, transcendental arguments, virginia woolf, william james, wittgenstein, wolfgang kohler